How to make a beaded square ring - Right Angle Weave technique (RAW)

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Hello Beads Friends!

This is the video tutorial I promised you, about the beaded square ring I created using the Right Angle Weave technique (RAW). The idea of the bead pattern I'm going to show you is mine, and for creating this bead ring you need 2 colours of Seed beads size 11/0, one colour of Seed bead size 15/0, a needle (big eye needle, or John James needle size 10-12). Also you need the thread, and you can use a specific beadweaving thread just like C-Lon, Super-Lon, SoNo, Nymo, One-G, ecc... size 0,20-0,30mm or you can use a nylon thread just like Fireline. I hope that all the steps to create this beaded square ring are clear, and see you soon on the next video!