Bead Haul - Shopping Review: Polymer Clays, polymer clay Tools and Swarovski crystals

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Hello Beads Friends!

A new bead haul video! In this video I want to show you the things I have bought from PerlesAndCo, a French web site. I bought Kato Polyclay, in three different colours: white, red and gold. I bought Sculpey III too, always in three different colour: green, light blue pearl and blue pearl. Also I bought one colour of Premo by Sculpey, the translucent one. I bought some tools to work with polymer clays: a kit to punch my polymer clay beads, a round cutter set and the bead baking rack. The bead baking rack is a very useful tool to bake your polymer clay beads, and to varnish them. You can also use the bead baking rack to slice your canes, fantastic! I bought my favourite polymer clay varnish too: pearl-ex varnish. It really shines my polymer clay creations, and it creates upon them a mirror effect that I really love. I tried the Staedtler varnish, but it doesn't create the mirror effect that I need. I bought three colours of Swarovski Strass, size 4mm: crystal AB, topaz and peridot. I hope that this review will be wothwhile, and see you soon on the next video!